The Social Connection app is designed to help residents at Riderwood find fellow residents to share a meal or attend an event, fostering new friendships and social interactions.

There are 2,000+ wonderful, interesting people to meet at Riderwood, and hundreds of activities and clubs to share. Don’t be shy. Invite new friends for dinner.

If you’re a new user, please Register by providing your Riderwood apartment number, email address, password, and your name.
1. Ensure that your apartment number, name, and email address match those listed in the Resident Directory of MyErickson.
2. Select a password that you can easily remember.
3. Be sure to check your email for a verification message and respond to it.
4. Log In and Save your entry in the Account page.
5. Fill in your Profile. You do not need to insert a picture.

Returning users can simply Log In using their apartment number and password. First-time users, make sure to edit your Profile by adding a brief, attention-grabbing phrase and a more detailed description of yourself and your interests. Consider what would make a resident from across campus eager to meet you.

Sometimes the app loses your password. Just create a new one with the “lost password” procedure. (I’m trying to find this bug and eliminate the need for step 4 above.)

You can delete your whole entry from the Account page.

If you encounter any issues with the app, don’t hesitate to contact Mel Haas for assistance.